Why calorie counting is more complex than you think

Consuming calories from your food is essential for every living organism, including humans. Consumption of calories keeps all the basic functions of the body going, like beating of a heart to pulling yourself up from.

And if you are on your way to starting a healthy life, calories in calories out is a formula you must incorporate into your body.



But how to count calories? Is calorie counting hard? These are some of the common questions most people ask when they start. And let me tell you that, calorie counting is more complex than you think it to be. And today we are going to discuss why.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into calorie counting.

Calorie counting for every single thing is not possible


One of the main reasons that make calorie counting so difficult is because you can not account for every single calorie taken. No matter how hard you try by weighing your food every time and measure your calorie burn from the workout, it is bound to have imperfections.

Maybe you weighed your food but didn’t adjust the bite you didn’t take. Maybe you just didn’t account for the outfit or the altitude factoring in on your workout. There are so many things that can be ignored.

The thermic effect of food is another key factor in calorie counting. It denotes how much energy your body can take from the food and how much it will spend to digest it properly.

Unlike processed food, whole foods take a bit more calories to breakdown. It might as well be better for your body, but very complex to input in your calorie counter.

Misleading labels


Another important issue that makes calorie counting complex is the misleading labels on our processed food. The FDA allowed the food companies to have a reasonable fluctuation of label information up to 20%. Even though it does not sound much, to begin with, but with more food on the list and the number of days you eat that, it can quickly add up.





Factors like these make calorie counting a very difficult process. And many people trying to maintain or lose weight are being affected by it.

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