Relationship between Mental and physical health

Even though the mind and body are two separate parts of your life, they are immensely dependent on each other. When we think about having a healthy life, we usually focus on doing various physical activities, going regularly to the gym, and following a healthy and sustainable diet.


But little do we realize, our mental health also has a significant impact on our physical well being. And the same goes for the other way around. So without further ado, let us go through the effects of one on another and raise our awareness.



How your mental health affects your physical health

Our habit of separating these two subjects is one of the main problems we face on our road towards a healthy life. Mental health issues have huge physical consequences and some physical illness even gets worse with other related mental illness.


For example, after doing some long studies on a huge number of samples, the report from King’s College London has shown a direct link between cardiovascular diseases and bipolar disorder. Research has also shown that those who are leading a healthy life with improved mental health are 57% less likely to face cardiovascular diseases than those who are suffering from mental illness.



Weight loss and stress


Stress and excessive weight gain go hand in hand. And here is why.


One of the key factors that determine our body weight regulations is our hormones. And a hormonal imbalance can cause health risks, especially excessive weight gain.


When we go through a significant amount of stress, our body reacts in a very unusual way than it does normally. Our body goes on into a full-on survival mood and releases various chemicals like Adrenaline and Cortisol. The adrenaline makes us more alert but as a result, we lose a significant amount of energy and get hungry.



On the other hand, an increase of Cortisol in your body causes cravings for more surgery and carbohydrate filled foods. This is the reason why stress eating has become the new norm and many people all over the world are failing to sustain their weight loss program due to their daily life stress.


Stress also can build up and causes Anxiety. This causes you to eat mindlessly and as a result, initiates overeating. So to be mindful of what and how much we eat, Anxiety is a NO-NO.



Final thoughts


If all of these resonated with you, then you are already one step ahead of reaching a healthy life, both physically and mentally. In addition to working on your physical health, you should also focus on your anxiety, depression, and stress relief. And this is where the Vibrant CBD patch from Truvy comes into play.



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So let’s start the journey towards a healthy life right away.


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