Best fitness apps in 2021

Staying fit and healthy has always been one of the biggest priorities for many people. But with the rise of the recent pandemic, it has become more essential than ever. Recent surveys conducted on a big group of people in the US have suggested that almost 65% of the people are dealing with worsened mental … Read more

Top food substitutes to promote weight loss

If you are someone who is starting your weight loss journey or someone who is already on it, you know who important your diet is. But the sad thing is, changing your diet just might be the hardest thing about weight loss. As our body adapts to the way we eat, it gets harder for … Read more

Six medical conditions that can cause you to put on weight

  The biggest reason behind putting on weight is eating and drinking more calories then we burn throughout the day. But sadly, some underlying health conditions can cause you to put on weight also.   Keeping that in mind today will be going to look at some of the common medical issues that may cause weight gain.   … Read more

Why calorie counting is more complex than you think

Consuming calories from your food is essential for every living organism, including humans. Consumption of calories keeps all the basic functions of the body going, like beating of a heart to pulling yourself up from. And if you are on your way to starting a healthy life, calories in calories out is a formula you … Read more


What’s your motivation type? The important thing to know here is that there’s two types of Weight Loss motivation, which most people don’t know… But it’s EXTREMELY important to know your motivation type for you to actually “flip on” your motivation switch!   The two types are Toward Motivation OR Away From Motivation.   1) … Read more

Probiotic Chews

Probiotic Chews

PROBIOTICS AND WHY DO I NEED THEM ?   Probiotics are the “friendly” live bacteria and yeasts that line our digestive tract.   Probioticts provide vital support for your overall health. Our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with these microorganisms, meaning they work together to survive.   Probiotics have natural ingredients which promote immune health, … Read more

Vibrant Patches

VIBRANT CBD PATCH Everyone by now knows that CBD is one of the hottest products on the market. Also everyone is loving the results that it’s giving them. That’s why Truvy is so excited to introduce you to our newest product, Patch-Ups!   Our Patches are a revolutionary product unlike anything that Truvy has offered … Read more

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